What is it?

Precision Systems developed the turn key solution for your next wastewater pump station, the Twin-Pac, over 20 years ago. Built and tested on our production floor by trained assemblers, the Twin-Pac eliminates the costly hassles and untimely delays of non-integrated site built pump stations. A complete pump station delivered on a truck ready to be lifted off, set on a pad, wired and turned on. It is not uncommon for Twin-Pac’s to be operational within 2 to 3 days of delivery. With various enclosure styles to meet any customers’ needs for aesthetics or price, the Twin-Pac is the right choice for your next pump station.

What’s in it?

Twin-Pacs contain all of the components required to operate a typical wastewater pump station. These include:

  • Wastewater Pumps
  • Pump Control Panel
  • Wastewater Isolation and Check Valves
  • Stand-by Power Generator
  • Fuel Cell for Diesel Engines
  • Automatic Transfer Switch

Twin-Pacs also include many items that are not found on typical wastewater pump stations. These include:

  • Indoor Maintenance Area
  • Electric Heater
  • Trouble and /or Station Lighting
  • Lockable Entry Door or Hatch
  • Complete Piped Fuel System
  • 120 Volt GFI Convenience Outlet

Twin-Pacs can also include many customer driven pieces of equipment that are becoming more prevalent on today’s wastewater pumps stations. Examples of the include:

  • Soft Starts
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Telemetry Systems
  • Cushioned Check Valves
  • Surge or Lightning Protection

All of these components will arrive on a single skid mounted, wired, tested, and ready to be turned on. The Twin-Pac makes wastewater pump stations easy.

Take a look inside!

What styles are available?


The Tip-Up Twin-Pac, photo on left, is our most cost effective system. Incorporating all of the components listed above, Tip-Up Twin-Pacs can range in size from fractional horsepower grinder pumps up to 30 horsepower non-clogs. The unit features a small footprint that overhangs the wet well. The lifting of the enclosures is assisted with gas charged lifts.


The Partial-Bury Twin-Pac shown here is our lowest profile pump station. The unit is buried 4 ft. in the ground using the earth for both climate control and sound attenuation of the generator. This unit can house a 200 KW generator capable of powering a 150 HP pump all while sticking out of the ground less then 4 ft. Partial-Bury is a technology that Precision Systems developed in the ’80’s and has used quite successfully around the country on aesthetically challenged installations.


The Walk-In Twin-Pac is used for the largest stations. Available in our cost effective fiberglass enclosures or our fully customized Modular style enclosures as shown here. All enclosures, regardless of material, feature a single piece leak proof housing. The Walk-In Twin-Pac accommodates generators up to approximately 1,000 kW and 12 in. diameter piping systems.