What is it?

Precision Systems has been manufacturing its Hydro-Pac factory built water booster station for over 20 years. Precision Systems mounts, plumbs, and wires all the components for your water booster station on a fabricated steel base. This skid can then be enclosed with a housing that meets your needs for aesthetics, cost, and durability or shipped as a skid for incorporation into a larger building. Arriving at the job site complete, the Hydro-Pac requires only connection of the suction and discharge piping and main power supply to be put into operation. The Hydro-Pac is a simple cost effective solution to your water distribution needs.

What’s in it?

Hydro-Pacs include all of the equipment necessary for a complete booster pump station. Examples include:

  • Pumps (Inline, End Suction, Split Case, Turbines, etc.)
  • Isolation and Check Valves
  • Internal Piping
  • Pump Control Panel
  • Pressure Gauges

In addition, Precision Systems can provide customized options upon request. Some of the additional components we’ve provided on previous stations are:

  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Flow Meters
  • Standby Power Generators
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Telemetry Systems

  • Chart Recorders
  • Chemical Feed Systems
  • Station HVAC Systems
  • Traveling Bridge Cranes

Take a look inside!

Featured Installations

Pleasant Hills, PA

Piqua, OH

Easton, MA

Fishkill, NY

Grants Pass, OR

Las Vegas, NV

What styles are available?


The most economical Hydro-Pac is offered in our Tip-Up enclosure. A single piece enclosure that keeps the equipment out of the elements and out of sight; it tilts to provide access for routine maintenance or can be removed for unrestricted access. It is available in a variety of colors to meet the customers’ needs for aesthetics.


We also manufacture Hydro-Pacs in our Partial-Bury style enclosures. This unit shown during installation will be buried up to the white fiberglass housing when installed, leaving only 4 ft. of housing above grade. It allows for indoor maintenance of the equipment within the station, but minimizes the visual impact of the stations exterior on the surrounding area.


Walk-In Hydro-Pacs are also available from Precision Systems. We commonly use our standard fiberglass enclosure, as shown here, which are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Walk-In Hydro-Pacs can also be enclosed in fully customized Modular Buildings as shown here. The custom finish option combinations are virtually unlimited.